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Pearl’s Picks for Missouri

Drivin’ to Mississippi With a Stop at Lambert’s – Yum!

Headed to Mississippi for the best part of the trip – our visit with Jeremiah, Rachel and Breanna – that’s Randy’s son and his family for those who might not know.  Can’t wait, but it will take until late evening to drive there and we won’t get to see them……Continue Reading

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Reunion Trip—Day 4: Missouri to Anderson, IN

  Guess where we’re driving through in this photo!  Tonight is the casual reception for Randy’s high school class – Anderson High School, Class of 1962.  We’re getting close but aren’t quite yet in town. Made it in plenty of time and Randy had a great time connecting……Continue Reading

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Reunion Trip—Day 3: Colorado to Missouri

  Kansas – what more is there to say.  Kansas is a very wide and very flat state.  This is pretty  much the view we had beginning with Denver and ending at the Missouri state line.  We did have a Kansas highlight, however.  We stopped for lunch at an Applebee’s……Continue Reading

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