Always Love to Find a New Roadside Stand

Well, we’ve come to our last full day with family in Mississippi for this year, but while out and about, we made two stops.


  The first was an antique mall that we really liked.  49 South Antique Mall & Flea Market on (as the name implies) Hwy. 49 South in Florence, just south of Jackson.  Jeremiah’s an excellent tour guide and spot on about what we like.  The mall was made of several attached buildings and full of everything you could imagine.  A little cluttered in some areas, but fun to pick through.

After an hour or so exploring the antique mall and just up the road a piece, Jeremiah introduced us to a great new Pick for a roadside stand:  Donna’s #6 Produce .  Family owned and operated since 1976, this stand is a combination fresh produce, gift shop with fun home decor and countless condiments.  There’s also an outdoor section with seasonal plants and unusual yard decorations.  To top it off, they sell delicious boiled peanuts and make their own fudge and specialty desserts.    Really good, y’all.       

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