Two New Eateries for Pearl

Wow, it’s hard to believe that it’s already day three of our visit – it’s going way too fast.  But today will be a fun day.  It’s Rachel’s birthday and the adults are off on a short road trip to Alexandria, Louisiana to visit the Silver Dollar Pawn Shop which is the home of the TV show Cajun Pawn Stars.

Well, Silver Dollar Pawn was interesting and fun, but we were disappointed that none of the “Stars” were on-site.  They also wouldn’t allow any photos to be taken inside so, instead, we’ll share their website with you.  Along with all the things they have for sale, there are countless items on display.  You can find out more about them all at

After the Silver Dollar stop, we were starving and in search of a good place to have lunch.  Checked in at a MacDonalds for a pit stop and asked one of the workers for a recommendation – tacky, we know, but we got a good tip – Paradise Catfish Kitchen.      In fact, it turned out to be a GREAT tip.  This was some of the best catfish that any of us had ever eaten – light fluffy batter, moist fish – and the hush puppies and cole slaw were also fabulous.  It’s definitely a place we’re putting on Pearl’s Picks.

We headed back to Mississippi to pick up Breanna and it was already time to head out for Rachel’s birthday dinner at Cinqo de Mayo – her choice and one of our favorite places.  They offer hot fresh chips with their salsa, great margaritas made with real just-squeezed lime juice, and an excellent selection of Mexican dishes.  At the end of the main course, we told them  we had a birthday girl with us and they promptly put a hat on her head, put whipped cream on her nose, gave her a dessert to share with us and they sang her a song.  If you should happen to go there on your birthday, be aware –  if you don’t want whipped cream on your nose, you may not want to tell them it’s your birthday. 

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