Drivin’ to Mississippi With a Stop at Lambert’s – Yum!

Headed to Mississippi for the best part of the trip – our visit with Jeremiah, Rachel and Breanna – that’s Randy’s son and his family for those who might not know.  Can’t wait, but it will take until late evening to drive there and we won’t get to see them until tomorrow.  In the meantime, we’re driving through southern Illinois and into Missouri where a stop at Lambert’s (Home of Throwed Rolls) in Sikeston is definitely a must.  One of our favorite places to stop when we’re in this part of the world, they’re known for their huge yeast rolls and the fun atmosphere.  And, yes, as their slogan implies, they throw those rolls clear across the room for you to catch.  Oh, and consider yourself warned - COME HUNGRY.              In one picture you can see Randy catching his roll from a nearby server.  In the last picture you see the roll Sandy caught from about 100 feet away – not kidding.  Both were equally as tasty, though.

Finished up our early dinner and headed back down the road.  Got to Mississippi just as it was almost dark.    Checked into the hotel, checked in on pearlquest and, now, checking out for the night.  A big five days of visiting coming up starting early tomorrow morning,

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