Reunion Trip—Day 3: Colorado to Missouri

  Kansas – what more is there to say.  Kansas is a very wide and very flat state.  This is pretty  much the view we had beginning with Denver and ending at the Missouri state line.  We did have a Kansas highlight, however.  We stopped for lunch at an Applebee’s in Hays and right across Interstate 70 was the Antique Mall of Hays.  It made for a nice post-lunch walk-about.  It looked like a big ole shed from the outside but was a nice, big, well-organized mall inside with a variety of interesting items.  The owner was very friendly and helpful, and, Randy found a couple of very nice 1940′s religeous prints in some great old original frames to resell.  A little into Missiouri, we ran into rain and the temperature dropped to 47 degrees – quite a change from the 100′s we were having when we left California – loved it.  Made it to Columbia (mid-state) in time for a Cracker Barrel dinner and to spend the night.

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