September 20th is a celebration for both couples – it’s the anniversary of Randy and Sandy’s first date and it’s the anniversary of when Jeremiah proposed to Rachel.  Big dinner plans tonight.

We started off the day off with a late morning visit to the local Bass-Pro shop.  Don’t know if any of you have been to one but they’re amazing – it’s like an inside mini-amusement park with huge aquariums and nature displays.      We were looking for a canopy to use on the days when we sell at a local antique/vintage flea market and couldn’t find what we were looking for locally. We still didn’t find what we wanted but had a nice light lunch at their restaurant.  We have to save our appetites for the special steak house Jeremiah’s told us about.

OMG!  Gibb’s was amazing.  Located in the tiny town of Learned, Mississippi, it’s definitely off the beaten track.  Gibbs is an old country general store that was built in 1897.  The only remaining business in this town, it has been owned by the Gibbs family since it was built.  During the day, it functions as a grocery store, but, as of three years ago, four nights a week – Thursday thru Sunday – it serves dinner.  Known for their steaks, they also serve lamb chops, fish and a couple of other entree’s on their very limited menu.    The service was warm and friendly and the food amazing.  However, be prepared for a few things to be different than what you might be used to.

The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s tiny – long and narrow – and can be crowded.  Remember, it’s an old store.  If you get there a little late, you may be seated with people you don’t know at a long, long table but they do have a few smaller tables.  Your placemat will be a paper towel and your food will be served on paper (Chinet) plates with your drinks in styrofoam cups.  Not to worry - the food and the atmosphere are so worth it.  We had a wonderful meal and a wonderful time.

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