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We decided the best way to start our research would be to visit places where we’ve seen working raised garden beds.  Cass House, a bed and breakfast/restaurant in Cayucos, CA is such a place.  The fact that it’s located at the beach and is only ½ hour away from Paso Robles wine country is just the icing on the cake.  While we’re there, we can also visit our niece and family at their certified organic fruit tree farm, Trees of Antiquity.

Not wanting to waste any time, we hit the road early and arrived late morning today.  The raised beds were as nice as we remembered and can easily be modified to fit our space.  We measured them and took lots of pictures to help us plan ours.  Then we talked to the owner to learn more about the wood and soil mix they used.  They’ve been successfully growing the vegetables they use in the restaurant for several years now so we’re taking their advice seriously.


Finished off the day with a little antiquing in Cayucos, wine tasting at a couple of nearby vineyards and a casual dinner at a Mexican restaurant near our hotel in San Simeon.  Tomorrow we’ll stop by the farm to learn more about organic gardening – and, oh yeah, to visit family,  and then home to put everything on paper.



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