Photo of Sandy and Randy

Pearl’s Purpose

Pearl is our van—yes, we name our cars. Pearl’s purpose is to take us on our quest. She is also duty-bound to report her adventures and future trips on Pearl’s Posts; recycle the vintage items we find by selling them at Pearl’s Plaza; and, provide links to her favorite places at Pearl’s Picks.

Pearl’s Playmates—Who We Are

Randy and Sandy, riding in our van.
On another road trip, just like we planned.
With our bags all packed, and a bottle of wine,
Where in the world will we go this time?

We are Randy and Sandy Shuman and we LOVE road trips, antiquing, collecting, eating good food and tasting fine wine—stopping to visit family and friends along the way. We're always looking for that special find.

We are also strong supporters of sustainable farming and organic home gardens—growing real food—so don’t be surprised if you see the occasional post about a wonderful garden we’ve seen as we travel or organic gardening resources we've come across. You will be able to view pictures of our own organic gardens and our recommended resources at Pearl’s Produce.

Sandy has been a collector and seller for more than 40 years, specializing in vintage dolls and dishes. She also has a love of holiday items such as Department 56 Snow Villages, Hallmark ornaments and all things Disney. Sandy has been a seller on Ebay since 1997 and also has years of experience selling at doll shows and specialty flea markets.

Randy is newer at the collecting and selling field. His years have been spent pastoring churches and working as a hospital and hospice chaplain. His interests lie mainly with religious (Christian and Jewish) artifacts such as crosses, rosaries, crucifixes, icons, menorahs and mazuzahs.


Our Quest—What we do

We go on road trips in search of:

and, other interesting and fun places to visit as we travel through this beautiful country.

We began our first venture together in October, 2006, when we were married. Three years later as we began to prepare for retirement, we decided to start a new venture and begin selling online using the name “pearlquest.” We have a four-car garage full of dolls, dishes, ornaments, Disney, and other interesting collectibles that we will be listing over the next many months, so check back with us frequently to see if we have something you just can't resist.

If you have something special you're looking for, please email us at and we'll keep our eyes open for it as we search through the boxes and go on our road trips.